Don’t Believe The Bull!


Why trust the new guys on the block? We have been a local family owned business for 3 generations. With that kind of experience you can believe you will get the best possible service and price for your gold or other valuables. Don’t trust the rest come straight to the best at MMJ’S Pawn Llc or Traderman Pawn Llc.


2004 Suzuki GSF500

This is the 2004 Suzuki GSF500 that is available for purchase in my shop! Asking price is $3,500  obo. I just had this bike tuned up and a new battery installed. This is a great bike for anyone how is interested in saving gas while not giving up power. It features a 500cc four-stroke air-cooled engine and hydraulic front and rear brakes.

Barrett Model 81A1 .50 Sniper Rifle

The Barrett M82A1 is the quintessential rifle for any long range or sniper applications.

The rifle in my shop is 48″ over all with a 25″ barrel. It features a bi-pod that extends from 9-1/2″ to 12″, and a Night Force NXS 8-32×56 scope. The rifle is used but in fairly good shape. Retail on this rifle is about $10,000 without glass. I have mine priced with the scope at $9,999.95 and as always the price is negotiable (feel free to haggle).

Me and my daughter have fired this weapon and it really is a gem to shoot. (very fun) I was able to take out a 2’x2-1/2′ oven door at about 1,500 yards!

If you are into big guns and long range shooting then this is the rifle for you! Come on down  and see the friendly staff at MMJ’S Pawn Llc Monday through Saturday from 9am-6pm.