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Why trust the new guys on the block? We have been a local family owned business for 3 generations. With that kind of experience you can believe you will get the best possible service and price for your gold or other valuables. Don’t trust the rest come straight to the best at MMJ’S Pawn Llc or Traderman Pawn Llc.


Last week, we got a pretty sweet U.S. 1918 Trench Knife in our store. Now, this isn’t just a piece of history. There are tons of war memorabilia items. Anyone who’s been in an antiques shop knows that. This is solid war gloryHolding this knife in my hand probably provokes some of the same thoughts as the guy who was issued this almost a hundred years ago. The first thought? I can’t wait to punch something. Granted, I’m a guy. It’s in my blood. If you put a brass knuckle in my hand, you should probably expect me to at least think about punching something. But then, it’s a knife, too. Which doubles its appeal. Should you be wondering, here’s some history on it as well.

Landers, Frary, and Clark made some 140,000 of these knives for use during WWI and they stayed in service up into WWII- although listed as limited standard. None were produced after 1919.

The things were nasty looking but due to the clenched fist design, not really very useful for anything other than busting someone in the chops or a dagger stab.

Since these things were big, heavy, and not too useful for anything other than killing, most troops perfered to carry around anything other than the 1918; a K-BAR was just as effective a killer and also had a variety of other uses as a day to day knife.

High Standard Supermatic Citation .22 caliber target pistol

The High Standard Supermatic Citation is a great .22 cal target pistol. High Standard has a long established reputation for making high quality target and recreational firearms. The “Citation” is one of the top of the line High Standard target pistols. The pistol features an adjustable rear sight, an adjustable nickle trigger, an ergonomic checkered hard wood grips and is tapped for custom barrel weights.

The pistol in my shop is in about 95% original condition however I do not have a magazine or barrel weights for it. The asking price on this item is $729.95 and as always we are willing to haggle.



Whip that yard into shape with a little help from MMJ Pawn!

Yard tools

Come in to MMJ Pawn today and see the wide selection of trimmers, blowers, chainsaws and more to help you get that yard into shape in no time.

It’s a lot easier to whip a yard or garden into shape when the right tools are handy.

Come in to MMJ Pawn today and see the wide selection of trimmers, blowers, chainsaws and more to help you get that yard into shape in no time.

Make fast work of those weeds with one of the many trimmers we have in stock, line trimmers or “weed wackers” are practically indispensable for maintaining a great-looking lawn. A line trimmer is the tool of choice for cutting grass you can’t reach with your lawn mower, for edging and for removing light brush. It reduces to mere minutes the tedious trimming near walkways, fences, trees and flowerbeds, leaving you with a lawn that looks professionally maintained.

Brands in stock include, Poulan, Weed Eater, Stihl, Troy-Built and more, models include both gas and electric.

Need help cleaning up the debris blown in by those spring winds, well we have the tool for you! Take a look at all of the leaf blowers at MMJ Pawn.  Contrary to their name, many leaf blowers do much more than simply move leaves into a convenient pile. Some models offer features like mulching and vacuuming. Additionally, homeowners can utilize the blowing action of a leaf blower to clear freshly mowed grass off walkways, or to clear other lawn and garden refuse from the driveway.

You will find these great items plus many more at MMJ Pawn to help you “Whip that yard” into shape and save money at the same time. Stop by today.

Yard tools to help you whip your yard into shape.

Yard tools to help you whip your yard into shape, come shop and save at MMJ Pawn!