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Last week, we got a pretty sweet U.S. 1918 Trench Knife in our store. Now, this isn’t just a piece of history. There are tons of war memorabilia items. Anyone who’s been in an antiques shop knows that. This is solid war gloryHolding this knife in my hand probably provokes some of the same thoughts as the guy who was issued this almost a hundred years ago. The first thought? I can’t wait to punch something. Granted, I’m a guy. It’s in my blood. If you put a brass knuckle in my hand, you should probably expect me to at least think about punching something. But then, it’s a knife, too. Which doubles its appeal. Should you be wondering, here’s some history on it as well.

Landers, Frary, and Clark made some 140,000 of these knives for use during WWI and they stayed in service up into WWII- although listed as limited standard. None were produced after 1919.

The things were nasty looking but due to the clenched fist design, not really very useful for anything other than busting someone in the chops or a dagger stab.

Since these things were big, heavy, and not too useful for anything other than killing, most troops perfered to carry around anything other than the 1918; a K-BAR was just as effective a killer and also had a variety of other uses as a day to day knife.

MMJ’S Pawn crew thwart’s would be Burglars!!!

Alamogordo teen arrested on auto burglary charges

Alamogordo Daily News
Daily News Report
Posted:   10/17/2012 03:35:50 PM MDT
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Zachary Scott Barela, left, and Armando… (Photo courtesy of the Las Cruces Police Department)

LAS CRUCES — A pawn shop owner led Las Cruces police to the arrest of two 18-year-old men suspected of stealing property from vehicles Tuesday evening.

Zachary “Zach” Scott Barela, of 5285 Zeus Ave., Las Cruces, and Armando “Cupcakes” Alonzo, of 1010 Mesquite St., Alamogordo, are each charged with two counts of auto burglary, one count of tampering with evidence and one count of conspiracy.

On Tuesday, Las Cruces police were called to the MMJ’s pawn shop at 2215 N. Main St. where Barela and Alonzo were trying to sell a digital camera with a New Mexico State University property sticker affixed to it. The pawn shop employee was suspicious of the sticker and called police to verify the ownership of the camera.

When a Las Cruces police officer arrived at the pawn shop, Barela and Alonzo attempted to flee on foot.

Detectives determined that Barela and Alonzo burglarized at least two vehicles the night before. Property taken during the burglaries included an iPod, an iPad, stereo speakers, a wallet and a duffle bag with women’s clothes. Police recovered several of the stolen items from Barela’s residence and from the 1996 Ford pickup he drove to the pawn shop.

Other items suspected of being stolen were also located in the pickup or at Barela’s home, but police have yet to determine ownership of those items.

Barela and Alonzo were booked into the Dona Ana County Detention Center with bond set at $30,000 each.

2004 Suzuki GSF500

This is the 2004 Suzuki GSF500 that is available for purchase in my shop! Asking price is $3,500  obo. I just had this bike tuned up and a new battery installed. This is a great bike for anyone how is interested in saving gas while not giving up power. It features a 500cc four-stroke air-cooled engine and hydraulic front and rear brakes.

Steve Hanks Signed limited edition print 57/1250 “Comforting The Heart”

Steve Hanks accomplished water color artist is well known for his paintings of nude’s and  more recently for his excellent paintings of children. Some of his pieces include Field of Dreams , Time Standing StillAll Gone Awry, and Black Lace Nightgown. This particular piece is an autographed                                                                                                              limited edition print #57/1250

“Comforting The Heart”. It truly is a beautiful piece of art. I personally had it framed by Gregg Groves at Picture Frame Factory Outlet. Check out his web site at or contact him via telephone at (575)526-4048.

This piece of art is available for purchase at our retail location located at MMJ’S Pawn Llc 2215 N. Main Las Cruces, NM 88001 (575)526-9053. Please ask for Adam Alberson, Maria Rivera or any of our other friendly staff. The asking price on this piece $399.95.

Barrett Model 81A1 .50 Sniper Rifle

The Barrett M82A1 is the quintessential rifle for any long range or sniper applications.

The rifle in my shop is 48″ over all with a 25″ barrel. It features a bi-pod that extends from 9-1/2″ to 12″, and a Night Force NXS 8-32×56 scope. The rifle is used but in fairly good shape. Retail on this rifle is about $10,000 without glass. I have mine priced with the scope at $9,999.95 and as always the price is negotiable (feel free to haggle).

Me and my daughter have fired this weapon and it really is a gem to shoot. (very fun) I was able to take out a 2’x2-1/2′ oven door at about 1,500 yards!

If you are into big guns and long range shooting then this is the rifle for you! Come on down  and see the friendly staff at MMJ’S Pawn Llc Monday through Saturday from 9am-6pm.

High Standard Supermatic Citation .22 caliber target pistol

The High Standard Supermatic Citation is a great .22 cal target pistol. High Standard has a long established reputation for making high quality target and recreational firearms. The “Citation” is one of the top of the line High Standard target pistols. The pistol features an adjustable rear sight, an adjustable nickle trigger, an ergonomic checkered hard wood grips and is tapped for custom barrel weights.

The pistol in my shop is in about 95% original condition however I do not have a magazine or barrel weights for it. The asking price on this item is $729.95 and as always we are willing to haggle.